How it works


Please send me your transcript that you want me to proofread in PDF form, not in ASCII or .txt. You can easily convert files using CutePDF. In order for the final product to be in unison with your specific requirements, I have provided a Reporter’s Preference Sheet that you can download and complete. I will send a confirmation e-mail with the billing rate and return schedule after I receive the transcript. I will send back only the marked pages by PDF. For rush jobs larger than 50 pages, please send the pages in chunks so that I can be proofing them while you work on other portions.

I will check for punctuation errors, misspelled words and other grammatical mistakes. I will also inspect the transcript for formatting issues, as well as make sure information that is specific to transcripts is correct.

Invoices are billed once a month, with total payment being due within 15 days.